Community’s Stereotyping of Asian-American Guys Often Leads to Self-Loathing

The opening lines of San Diego’s latest revival of David Henry Hwang’s play “”FOB”” begin with a man’s mean-spirited lecture on all them“”clumsy, stupid, greasy and horny. He hates about FOBs, discussing individuals who are “”Fresh Off the Boat, ”” calling”” because the lights brighten, the identification regarding the presenter becomes obvious. The presenter is A asian male.

In reality, this self-loathing among Asian-American men is common sufficient for me personally to create a commentary onto it. Awarded, not absolutely all Asian-American men hate on their own, but i might endeavor to state that many have actually at one point in their everyday lives. More accurately though, they most likely have actually hated image that is society’s of, or perhaps the current stereotypes which have plagued Asian-American men for decades. (altro…)

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